Discussing expat stories while jogging....in the dunes near Haarlem

 10/3/2014   Rachel    Events

Dear Expat, New in the country? Feeling somewhat lost? Not understanding the culture or language yet? Wanting to socialize but don't know how? Are you a little sportive? Do you like to be outside? Well, here's my thought: I'd like to meet up on regular days to go jogging or walking or running (whichever is your favorite) and meanwhile chat about all that's going on. Maybe you have questions, maybe you have concerns, maybe you feel lonely or miss your family and friends, maybe you have a difficult boss or colleagues. Or maybe you want to learn some languages...and cultural issues. Or maybe you just want to have fun and run!!! :) Being an expat myself, and living in several European countries, I would love to share my experiences with you. And I speak 6 languages, so chances are we understand each other well :) If you like the idea, or just want to chat anyway, let me know and drop a note or email. Keep smiling, you are NOT alone!!! Rachel (rachelsmets (at) hotmail.com)