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The Expat Guide Netherlands is created especially for expatriates who are relocating to Holland. Find detailed information about Taxation, Housing, Immigration and more by using the navigation above. We hope you can use our guide as a guideline to help your moving to the Netherlands easier and more enjoyable. The guide is a work in progress and is updated daily.

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Welcome to the Netherlands: Psychology tips for newcomers

Whatever your reason for moving to the Netherlands, there was a moment when you decided to overcome your doubts, change your life and become a cell of the Dutch society. Taking this step, whether or not you feel excited about it, means that you have some hopes and expectations.

In the beginning, you see, as most people do, this life change with the eyes of a tourist. This means you are eager to explore this new place and you are curious about the dutch way of life. You may feel relieved to find out almost everybody speaks English and think that life here may not be as hard as... Read more