Dutch Courses The Hague

Are you looking for Dutch courses in The Hague? We have selected several good Dutch classes in the area of The Hague. All schools are offering individual dutch courses or if you prefer dutch courses in groups. Perfect way to meet fellow expats in The Hague.

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The Hague Language Schools

Dutch School Kickstart Language Training

Kickstart Language Training

Communicative Dutch and English language courses. Focus on functional use of the language with grammar & cultural aspects covered. All levels. Also Business English Courses available.

070- 3607860 / 06- 55885618
Laan Copes van Cattenburch 86, 2585 GE The Hague

Dutch School Taalnetwerk


TaalNetwerk is a language school in The Hague. We offer courses in a number of languages, including Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Italian and French. We also offer private training.

Mauritsplein 28, 2582 ND Den Haag
T: (+31) 070 212 8240
E: info@taalnetwerk.nl
W: www.taalnetwerk.nl

Dutch School Stiftung Sprachkurse Deutsche Schule Den Haag

Stiftung Sprachkurse Deutsche Schule Den Haag

The Foundation Language Courses has been conducting Dutch and German language courses with native-­‐speaker teachers at the German International School in The Hague for almost 20 years.
Our standard courses take place on Tuesday evenings from 7‐9.30 p.m.
We also offer Dutch morning courses (small groups), exam training courses, private tuition and in-company courses tailored to individual educational needs.

Stiftung Sprachkurse Deutsche Schule Den Haag
Van Bleiswijkstraat 125
2582LB Den Haag


Dutch School Taalthuis


Taalthuis works on the principle that anybody can learn Dutch. Taalthuis teaches you how to speak, read and write Dutch in small groups. Exploring all kinds of interesting subjects and current topics you will gain command of the Dutch language in a light-hearted way. You will learn Dutch by playing various games, listening to stories and completing texts. On top you will learn a lot about life in the Netherlands.


Dutch School DNA Languages

DNA Languages

Private custom-made language courses, for professional or personal use. Conversation based, for all levels. Full immersion 5-day courses (possibility of in-house stay); half-day courses and weekly courses; in-company training.

Oud Clingendaal 7
2245 CH Wassenaar

Dutch School Dutch For Expats

Dutch For Expats

Dutch for Expats® has been serving the international community in The Hague since 2000 and offers 8 or 10 week courses in small groups, Saturday courses, in company-training, intensive courses, 1 day courses Survival Dutch, preparation NT2 exams, conversation classes, individual lessons at your home or office and more ...

Other cities:
We also teach in and around Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Wassenaar, Delft and Rotterdam.

School building and office:
Sweelinckplein 9-11, unit 18
2517 GK Den Haag (Duinoord)
email : info@dutchforexpats.nl
website: www.dutchforexpats.com

Dutch School Flowently, A fresh approach to learning Dutch

Flowently, A fresh approach to learning Dutch

Frustrated with Dutch courses that only deal with canals and cheese when you need to speak in real life? Flowently offers lessons that focus on your actual life to help you learn the language you need, not what’s in the book. You set your goal and learn what is relevant.
Meet your tutor in a cafe and explore real-life situations, learn “the little magic phrases”, and your tutor will help you converse like a native. Boost your social skills or an in-company training for business purposes? See our wide range of sessions and topics, available in over 30 cities in the Netherlands. Meet the locals and have fun.

Contact Flowently today and choose a tutor and a topic that will help you learn the language you want. Go with the flow, smart and easy!

Azartplein 79, 1019PB Amsterdam
tel +31(0)85 8883 012

Intensive dutch courses

Choose between intensive dutch course or a more relaxed course in The Hague. Whatever you choose learning dutch through a dutch language school will keep you motivated and offers you the fastest way of becoming a true dutch speaker.

Speaking dutch a necessity?

Is speaking Dutch a necessity in The Netherlands? In the larger cities the Dutch speak very good English and you will get by without a problem. Doing your shopping without knowing the basics of talking Dutch isn't going to be a problem. But if you are staying for a longer period you do not have to feel excluded or disrespectful and have more choice for jobs, education, entertainment, friends, or business opportunities.