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Headhunters in the Netherlands

The Netherlands offers several quality headhunters and recruitment agencies which we listed below!

Headhunters in the Netherlands
Work: Headhunters in the Netherlands

We explore in this section

What is the difference between a Headhunter and a Recruiter

A headhunter is a company/indiviual that finds potential candidates for open positions that a company is for. They do not generally do any hiring. 

recruiter however is someone who works with the hiring process itself.
They generally post job openings and are the initial contact person, screen candidates and get a start on the hiring process.

What is the average headhunter fee?

The normal fee is a percentage of your total first years salary, on avarage this is between 20-25%, though it can range from as low as 15% to as high as 40% or more, depending on the firm the headhunter works with and the type of job position being filled.

What is the average headhunter fee?

Do you have to pay a headhunter?

No, headhunters make money when they place you the candidate in a job. The typical fee is 20% to 30% of the total first-year salary and is payed by your new employer.

Do you have to pay a headhunter?

Recommended Headhunters

Orange Quarter

We’re Orange Quarter, leaders in tech and digital recruitment with a large numbers of jobs available.

Adams Multilingual Recruitment

Adams Multilingual Recruitment matches international Netherlands- based companies with multilingual job seekers. Working in the Dutch labour market for over 25 years, we go beyond the brief, to uncover what our talent seekers really need. Experts in talent acquisition, we work with unique understanding and empathy, speak your language, and understand the Dutch culture and labour market.


Xena is a tech recruitment agency in Berlin and Amsterdam that works with companies that are committed to the progression of women in technology. We hire women in Engineering, Product and Leadership and invest 12.5% of our profits into the education of girls and women in STEM.

SCM Recruitment

Using our global network, we are able to identify the perfect match for International board, director and senior management positions within Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Manufacturing and Operations.Our main driver is to find the optimal fit by getting to the absolute core of all parties involved. 

Blue Lynx

Our mission is to enhance growth, value & opportunities for continued individual, client and company success. We do this whilst providing a safe, professional, fun and rewarding place to work and grow. By investing in people, we invest in the future.

Page Personnel

Page Personnel is a leading professional recruitment consultancy specialising in the recruitment of temporary, temporary-to-permanent, and permanent positions for SMEs and multinationals in diverse sectors.

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