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Haarlem City Guide

Haarlem has a lot to offer, a beautiful historic center with famous museums, stores which made Haarlem voted best shopping city of the Netherlands, great restaurants, Saturday market, low crime and a population called Muggen. Why is this let’s explore.

Dutch Cities: Haarlem

We explore in this section

Facts about Haarlem


Haarlem is perfectly located between the beach and Amsterdam. In a bike ride of 15 minutes you can find great beach clubs at the beaches of Bloemendaal and Zandvoort. The train will bring you in 15 min to the center of Amsterdam.

Housing market

Haarlem is not an easy city to find a suitable house, house prices are high and rental properties are scarce but with some help you will find your home. Check out our pages to find suitable real estate agents when you want to by a house or rental agencies when you want to rent. 

Why are Haarlemmers called Muggen?

The locals in Haarlem are called Muggen. This has two reasons, one because the city used to have a lot of mosquitos but also because the locals were referred to as being complaining and whiney (muggenziften). This used to be an insult but most locals like to be called it. 

Museums in Haarlem

Haarlem has more than 20 museums including the Frans Hals Museum (works of Dutch Masters born in Haarlem) and Teylers Museum (works from Michelangelo and much more).


Haarlem is a green city, the city council works very hard maintaining the bike lanes and making sure car numbers are getting reduced. So when you land in Haarlem, hop to a bike shop and explore the city on your new bike. 


Every Saturday Haarlem has an amazing market on the Grote Markt. The biggest square right in the middle of the city. The market has fresh fish, quality cheeses and bread. But also clothes and nice things for your house.

Bilingual Schools in Haarlem

Haarlem has three schools focussing on Bilingual education. For more information check our page dedicated to Bilingual education.

Places to have a drink in Haarlem

Around the historic city of Haarlem you can find many amazing places to have a drink. In this section we give you some tips of places we love in Haarlem.

In den Uiver

Located in the center of Haarlem just a couple of steps from the Grote Markt you will find this amazing place where they serve 10 draft beers, over 100 different liquors and nice wines to choose from. The nice staff loves to tell you more about the history. You can find them on  the Riviervischmarkt 13. Website

Café ‘t Kantoor

On the corner of Gierstraat/Doelstraat located in the lovely area called de Vijfhoek is this amazing little Café. Serving 12 beers on tap, nice collection of wines and liquors. Friendly staff and very nice local vibe. Great way to meet some locals.


Hidden away in a beautiful park called De Hout is a nice pancake house serving a nice selection of beers and wines. Have a bitterbal with your drink and enjoy the peace and quiet just a couple of minutes bike ride from the center. Website

Café de Vijfhoek

Located in the middle of the amazing area de Vijfhoek is this nice real dutch café. Nice selection of beers, wines and homemade tapas.

Restaurant Zuidam

Located overlooking the beautiful Spaarne this Is a must visit, when there is sun you can sit outside on a nice terras. Very popular place with a nice selection of drinks and food. Website

Kraantje Lek

It’s not located in Haarlem, but if you have kids this is an ideal place to visit, the kids can play in the massive garden filled with sand or run the dunes while you enjoy your drink. Website

Toujours Restaurant

In many ways one of the best places to stay when you are visiting Haarlem Centre. You can go here for lunch, diner but also a very nice place for having a drink at their beautiful terrace with cozy fire places. Have a nice cocktail while you enjoy one of the most fascinating views in Haarlem; the church called; St. Bavo Kerk.
The menu is very diverse; from sushi, finger food to sandwiches. For diner they serve very nice fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Please make a reservation at their website because like said before, they are very popular. Website

Sports in Haarlem

Haarlem used to have a professional football club but this unfortunately went bankrupt. They do still have a very successful baseball club called Kinheim. In this section we look at sport clubs in Haarlem.  


The best known football club is HFC Haarlem. Beautiful located and with multiple pitches. The club plays at a decent level now with their first team. Check them out on https://www.konhfc.nl/
Other clubs are Alliance ’22, DIO, DSK, DSS, EDO, Geel Wit ’20, Haarlem Kennemerland, HYS, Olympia Haarlem, Onze Gezellen, Schoten, THB, United /DAVO and VVH Velserbroek


Haarlem is filled with beautiful tennis clubs where you can play a game of tennis without being a member. Examples are RC Overhout (also indoor), Haarlemsche Lawn Tennis Club and LTC Eindenhout.


Kinheim is one of the biggest baseball clubs in the Netherlands. Check them out on https://www.kinheim.net/ .


One of the most popular sports in the Netherlands is Field hockey. Many nice clubs organize teams also for older ages. Nice clubs located in and around Haarlem are Alliance (Heemstede), Rood-Wit (Aerdenhout), HC Haarlem and HMHC Saxenburg.


In the Netherlands because of the rain, Squash is popular sport. In Haarlem you can play this in RC Overhout and Squash Haarlem. Both places have a nice bar to enjoy a drink after your game. 


The Netherlands is not known for cricket, but is does have a very nice club called Haarlemsche Cricket Club Rood en Wit 1881

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