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Motor insurance in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is designed to take your motor for a spin with great roads in beautiful scenery. With 1.5 million motors registered you will not be alone on the road. Insurance is mandatory however, so be sure to have that under your belt.

Motor insurance in the Netherlands
Insurance: Motor insurance in the Netherlands

What types of Motor insurance in the Netherlands are there?

WA (Wettelijke Aansprakelijkheid) - Liability Insurance

This is the minimum legal requirement.
Covers damage caused to others (both property and personal injury).
Does not cover damage to the insured's own vehicle.

WA Plus (WA+) or Limited Comprehensive Insurance

Includes all WA coverage.
Provides additional cover for specific damages to the insured's vehicle, such as theft, fire, vandalism, and glass damage.

All-risk (Volledig Casco) Insurance

The most comprehensive coverage.
Covers all WA and WA+ events.
Also covers accidental damage to your motor cycle, even when you are at fault.

Additional Coverage Options

Roadside Assistance
Help with breakdowns, flat tires, and other issues while on the road. Check ANWB for more information. 

Legal Assistance
Coverage for legal costs in case of disputes arising from accidents. In our page Legal insurance we explore more.

Personal Accident Insurance
An accident insurance is designed to provide financial protection in the event of an unforeseen accident or injury. It provides coverage for specific injuries or accidents that you or covered family members may sustain. Read more in our accident insurance section.

Recommended insurers


Univé is a cooperative insurance company in the Netherlands. Univé presents itself as a nonprofit insurer, to express that making profit is not important and therefore has cheaper products.


FBTO is a highly-rated Dutch insurance provider where you can adjust coverage to your needs. They offer insurance for your motor cycle, house, legal matters, and much more. Visit the website to get a direct quote.


InShared was founded in 2009 as an online insurer and became one of the most successful insurers in the online market. The go-to market strategy of online differs a lot from the traditional channels, and within this InShared made some clear choices.

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