Housing > Appraisal report (Taxatierapport)

Appraisal report (Taxatierapport)

An appraisal is a valuation of the value of your property by a licensed appraiser. You will receive an appraisal report (taxatierapport). This is important when you want to buy, sell or insure a house. The name of an appraiser is taxateur. 

Appraisal report (Taxatierapport)
Housing: Appraisal report (Taxatierapport)

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Taxatierapport: what does it cost?

The cost of a taxatierapport are not regulated and will diver with the taxateur (appraiser). So I can be wise to shop around. Normally the prices are between 500 and 1000 euro. Depending the hours it will take the taxateur. On our page Real Estate Appraisels you can find local experts.

How long is a taxatierapport valid?

Because an appraisal is a snapshot of the current situation, your mortgage provider requires a report not older then 6 months. 

Which factors determine the value?

Location and orientation of the property
Size, nature and layout of the site or building
Rented or not
Owner of the land (erfpacht)
Infrastructur and parking
Quality of the property
Current market situation

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