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Work culture in the Netherlands

Some expats are a little shocked with the way Dutch people interact with each other at work. In the section we explain the Dutch corporate culture.

Work culture in the Netherlands
Career: Work culture in the Netherlands

What is the work culture in Netherlands?

Communication, the Dutch culture is considered to be a low context culture, which means that they have a direct way of communicating. Beating around the bush is not always appreciated.

Hierachy, everyone in the Netherlands can and will be ridiculed, from the King, Prime-minister to the famous actor, but also your boss. You will notice that colleagues will make fun of the boss even when he or she is present in the room. Equality and openness of the Dutch people is reflected in the corporate culture. The hierarchy is often horizontal, meaning that individual employees and executives are considered part of the team. Addressing your colleagues by their first names is normal.

Punctuality is key for the Dutch. Make sure you are on time or be clear you will be late.

Meetings, can take longer then you used to. This is mainly because everyone is allowed to contribute and will normally not be interrupted. Because of the low context culture cutting someone off is rude.  

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