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Dutch Driving License

Holders of a foreign driving licence issued by an EU country may drive in the Netherlands for a period of 10 years or (if the licence expires on an earlier date) until the expiry date of the licence. When the foreign driving licence expires, it can be exchanged for a Dutch licence at the Town Hall.

Dutch Driving License
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Driving License from outside the EU

If you hold a driving licence which was issued in a country outside the EU, you are required to exchange this licence for a Dutch one within six months after registering in the Netherlands. For holders of driving licences from certain countries it is compulsory to take a driving test before they receive a Dutch driving licence.

Making a BPM import declaration

If you want a Dutch vehicle registration for a vehicle you purchased abroad, you will have to satisfy a number of conditions. One of these is making a declaration for BPM, the private motor vehicle and motorcycle tax. For each vehicle registered in your name in the Netherlands, you must pay tax.
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This page was last updated: 02/10/2022.