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Insurance in the Netherlands

A basic health insurance policy is compulsory in the Netherlands, and if you own a car, you must have liability insurance for it. In the Netherlands, insurances can be obtained at your bank, as well as other companies and organizations. Please consider beforehand which voluntary insurances are necessary in your particular situation.

Insurance in the Netherlands
Insurance: Insurance in the Netherlands

Health insurance

Everyone who is entitled to AWBZ is obliged to arrange a basic health insurance. You are entitled to AWBZ if you are a resident of the Netherlands and/or are employed in the Netherlands. Read more

Car insurance

If you have a car, vehicle insurance (called auto verzekering) is compulsory. In general, this insurance will cover damage done to third parties. Read more

Car insurance

Home Insurance

There are several options for insurance concerning houses (in dutch called Opstal). Read more

Social insurance

When working in the Netherlands, it is mandatory to make Dutch social security payments. This is split into two areas. Read more

Legal insurance

Legal insurance (called Rechtbijstandverzekering restructuring dutch) is an insurance that offers help and advice concerning legal problems. For example when you are fired because of company restructuring. Read more

Self-employed insurance

When you self-employed in the Netherlands it is not, mandatory to have insurance for illness, invalidity or unemployment. Read more

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