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Car Lease in the Netherlands

When you move to the Netherlands and you need a car to make your life a little easier you can consider leasing a car. In the section we explore your options.

Car Lease in the Netherlands
Expat Info: Car Lease in the Netherlands

We explore in this section

Benefits of leasing a car

When you need a car to drive the kids around, go to work, do shopping or any other reason you can buy or lease a car. If you are not sitting on a pile of cash, leasing could be the best option. Let’s check the other benefits. 

No big splurge

When you need a car and not sitting on a lot of spendable cash you can relax and decide to lease. In most deals you don’t even have to do a down payment.

No unexpected costs

You will lease a new of occasion for a fixed amount. You don’t have to worry about, insurance, road tax, damage, repairs and even winter tires (or summer tires).

Reselling your car

If you want to leave the Netherlands and want to get rid of your car, you don’t have to worry about selling your car on Marktplaats. However if you want to leave the Netherlands before the end of your lease contract, be aware that there can be some complications and it can be difficult and expensive to terminate. If you lose your job normally you are oke. 

What are some of the cons of leasing a car in the Netherlands:

Financial obligation

A Car Lease contract normally lasts several years and because of the higher interest can be expensive. Check the details of your contract stating cancelation, if something changes in your life and you need to terminate your lease contract for example when you lose your job, this is not always possible.

KM allowance

Car Lease contracts in the Netherlands will always have a KM allowance. Driving more can be very costly. 

What’s included, and what’s not

Included in Car leasing in the Netherlands is:

  • Maintenance and if necessary repairs
  • Breakdown assistance, you don’t need triple A
  • Motor vehicle tax
  • All risk car insurance

What’s excluded

  • Fuel for your car
  • Traffic fines
  • Parking costs
  • Cleaning your car
  • Be aware that your contract will have KM allowance

Car Lease companies in the Netherlands

You can find car lease deals on the following websites. These companies offer services for English speaking customers. 

Suzuki Private Lease
Sixt (short term)

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