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Home insurance in the Netherlands

There are several options for insurance concerning houses (in dutch called Opstal). For example, a bricks and mortar insurance (called opstalverzekering) covers damage to your house, such as damage caused by fire. This type of insurance is not compulsory in the Netherlands. However, if you wish to get a mortgage, a homeowner's insurance policy will most likely be required.

Home insurance in the Netherlands
Insurance: Home insurance in the Netherlands

Another non-compulsory type of house insurance which you could opt for is fire and theft insurance (called inboedelverzekering). This insurance covers all your belongings that are inside your house such as your computer or television. For more valuable objects, a high-value items insurance (called kostbaarhedenverzekering) would be more advisable. This insurance covers expensive valuables such as art collections.

Recommened Insurance Companies

Centraal Beheer

Centraal Beheer is one of the biggest insurance companies in the Netherlands with insurances for home, car, your bike and much more.


InShared was founded in 2009 as an online insurer and became one of the most successful insurers in the online market. The go-to market strategy of online differs a lot from the traditional channels, and within this InShared made some clear choices.


Lemonade is a digital insurer — offering a unique and transparent insurance policy. Powered by AI and behavioral economics, Lemonade aims to transform insurance from a necessary evil into a social good, giving consumers an experience that is fast, simple, and they can choose a charity to donate their unclaimed premiums to. Lemonade offers contents and liability insurance, from €2 per month.

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