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Notary fees (Notariskosten)

When you buy an existing house, you will have to consult a notary. You are free to choose which one. The prices are not regulated so make sure you compare prices. When you buy a house you need a leveringsakte (deed of transfer) and hypotheekakte (deed of mortgage). Both cost around 600 euro. When you buy a new house you will only pay hypotheekakte.

Notary fees (Notariskosten)
Housing: Notary fees (Notariskosten)

Comparing Notary Costs

Although Dutch people generally earn well, it's always good to save money where you can. When considering hiring a notary, you'll likely first look at the costs. Comparing notary costs is something that almost every Dutch person does when a notary needs to be hired. Each notary charges different rates. For instance, an experienced notary will charge more for their services than a notary who has just started. It can, therefore, be rewarding to compare notary costs. However, if you want a good notary, it's essential not to dismiss all expensive notaries immediately.

Comparing Notary Costs

Compare now: Notary in the Netherlands

Looking for a specialized notary to handle the legal aspects of your home purchase or sale? We offer a free and no-obligation service that allows you to easily compare notaries based on price, quality, distance, and accessibility. You can instantly view the total costs of each notary, with the guarantee that these costs will not increase later. 

Here's how it works: simply enter your details and one of our house assistants will contact you to complete the comparison process. You'll receive the three best matches by email and can choose the right notary for your needs. Plus, with our free advice and guidance during the purchase agreement and transfer process, as well as personalized assistance and the ability to save costs, you can trust that you're making the best decision for your legal needs. We only refer to reliable notaries and there are no notaries with an advantage. You are not obliged to make an appointment, so why not give us a try? Choose the best notary for you!

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