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Employer in the Netherlands

If you are an employer in the Netherlands and you want to hire employees from outside the Netherlands or you already employ one. You can read on this page how to become a sponsor or engage a foreign employee. 

Employer in the Netherlands
Work: Employer in the Netherlands

How to employ a foreign employee

If you want to employ a foreign employee that doesn't have the nationality of an EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland you will need to become the sponsor for this employee. When you are a recognised sponsor you will get a faster and easier application procedure for your employee's residence permit. 

A sponsor has several legal obligations like foreign national's return, duty of care, duty to keep and retain records, find more information on the IND website

How to get recognised as a sponsor

To hire an employee that doesn't have the nationality of an EU/EEA Member State or Switzerland you can make this application procedure a lot quicker when you are a recognised sponsor. There are two categories Labour and Research. Read more on the website of the IND

Some of the advantages:

Your application goes quicker, a complete application is usually decided on within 2 weeks.
You need to provide fewer supporting documents with an application.
You can use the online Business Portal to submit digital applications and notify changes.

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Law firm Kouvarnta

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