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Working in the Netherlands

Moving to the Netherlands because you want to work in this great country? The Netherlands has different residence permits to work. In this section we explore al the different residence permits. In other pages you can find Headhunters and Job websites

Working in the Netherlands
Work: Working in the Netherlands

We explore in this section

Working as a Highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands

To work as a Highly skilled migrant in the Netherlands you need a contract with an employer or research institution in the Netherlands. This employer is a recognised sponsor by the IND, you are going to earn suffienct income (see next section) and the agreed wage is in accordance with market conditions.

​Highly skilled migrants 30 years or older ​€4,752 gross per month
​Highly skilled migrants younger than 30 years ​€3,484 gross per month
​Reduced salary criterion ​€2,497 gross per month
​European Blue Card ​€5,567 gross per month

What is a European blue card and how to apply?

A European blue card residence permit allows a highly skilled employee to live and work in the Netherlands. A European blue card is a work and residence permit for highly skilled employees (expats) who are nationals of a country outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland. You can apply when you:

  • You live outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland. You want to apply for a European blue card to work in the Netherlands.
  • You already live in one of the EU countries that are part of the European blue card scheme and hold a European blue card residence permit. You now want to work in the Netherlands as a European blue card holder.
  • You are an employer. You want to employ a foreign employee with a European blue card.

Read more in the section of the IND

Are you looking for a job after study, promotion or research?

Are you looking for a job and are graduated or you obtained a PhD or performed scientific research. You need to apply for a residence permit 'orientation year highly educated persons'.
Apply online on the website of IND

Are you looking for a job after study, promotion or research?

What is a good salary in the Netherlands?

This is a question that's hard to answer not knowing your personal situation, do you have kids, do you want to life in the center of Amsterdan. An average good income after taxes is around 3250-3750 euro per month. You can buy a house of around 350.000 euro. Do you have a partner this goes up considerable. Because of the extreme rise in house prices the last years you will find it hard to find a decent place to find in the city center now for those prices. So keep that in mind. 

To rent an apartment in Amsterdam (average price 1750 euro/month) you will need a net income of at least 4500 euro. So, it’s important to look at your personal situation before you can answer the question what is a good salary in the Netherlands?

When to hire an Employment Lawyer?

When you need help with Explanation of Rights, Compliance, Filing of Complaint, Litigation, Employment Discrimination Lawsuits or Wage and Hour Lawsuits it can be wise to hire an Employment lawyer. In our Services section you can find Employment lawyers for example in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

When to hire an Employment Lawyer?

Recommended Headhunters in the Netherlands

Orange Quarter

We’re Orange Quarter, leaders in tech and digital recruitment with a large numbers of jobs available.

Adams Multilingual Recruitment

Adams Multilingual Recruitment matches international Netherlands- based companies with multilingual job seekers. Working in the Dutch labour market for over 25 years, we go beyond the brief, to uncover what our talent seekers really need. Experts in talent acquisition, we work with unique understanding and empathy, speak your language, and understand the Dutch culture and labour market.


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