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Notary offices in the Netherlands

Are you looking for noterial services with an English speaking staff. We have listed the best notary offices in the Netherlands to help you with business, family, property or real estate law.

Notary offices in the Netherlands
Expat Info: Notary offices in the Netherlands

What is the task of the notary

When you enter into financial obligations, it is time to call an notary. They will provide advice and arrange your affairs to be properly regulated in law.

Drawing up notarial acts
The most important task of notaries and deputy (civil law) notaries is to record agreements in notarial acts, to keep the acts and to issue copies of them to the persons concerned.

Updating registers
Your notary can help you updating registers of immovable property, marriage contracts, public and private companies, foundations and cooperatives.

Providing advice
Notaries are legal advisers. They preside over the discussions that precede the signing of a notarial act. In doing so, they weigh the interests of all concerned and seek to strike a balance in the advice they give.

Recommended Notaries

Olenz Notaries

Olenz has experience and knowledge in various forms of cohabitation, marriage, inheritance & divorce law. Our extensive international network helps us work together with experts in other countries to meet the clients needs.

Buma | Algera Notariaat

Buma | Algera Notariaat. A notary office with the right people in the right place. Founders Bert Buma and Sjoerd Algera and their employees have years of experience in the notarial profession, have acquired a good name and have gained an excellent position within the Amsterdam's notarial market, with real estate in all its facets as their specialism. 

Westport Notarissen

Westport Notarissen is an internationally oriented notary firm that specializes in services for expats who live and work in the Netherlands. You can contact our Expat Desk for any inquiries, spanning from private issues to business affairs.

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