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Dutch holidays

In the Netherlands there are public holidays, listed below. There is no law that says employees must be given a day off work on certain public holidays. So no one has a legal right to a day off on a public holiday. Your Collectieve Arbeidsovereenkomst – CAO (collective labour agreement) or employment contract will tell you if you have the day off on public holidays.

Dutch holidays
Expat Info: Dutch holidays

Dutch holidays 2023

Nieuwjaarsdag (New Year’s Day) January 1
Goede Vrijdag (Good Friday) April 7
Eerste Paasdag (Easter Sunday) April 9
Tweede Paasdag (Easter Monday) April 10
Koningsdag (King's Day)  April 27
Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day) May 5 *
Hemelvaartsdag (Ascension Day) May 18
Eerste Pinksterdag May 28
Tweede Pinksterdag May 29
Eerste Kerstdag (Christmas Day) December 25
Tweede Kerstdag (Boxing Day) December 26

* Official holiday every 5 years, next in 2025/2030

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