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Architects & Interior Designers in the Netherlands

Found your dream home but looking for some renovation work or are you looking for advice to change your interior. We haved listed the best architects & Interior Designers with English speaking staff in the Netherlands.

Architects & Interior Designers in the Netherlands
Housing: Architects & Interior Designers in the Netherlands

Megan Burmeister

Creating contemporary, soulful spaces that are both deeply personal yet exciting and inspiring. I specialise in a layered aesthetic: using texture, colour and pattern to create depth and interest, whilst clever use of light brings objects to life.

Joy at Home Styling

My goal is to help you create a "home away from home", with unique interior designs that match your style.
As an expat for 25 years, I know how to create a safe haven with interior designs around your personal items, using furniture you already have, fitting it to typical Dutch homes. I speak the local language and understand the expat culture! I love to make sure you have a soft landing in the Netherlands.

Inside Creations

I am an interior designer, creating bespoke spaces that will arouse your curiosity, speak to your senses and make you fall in love.

MEF Architect

MEF are the initial letters of her name: Maria Elena Fauci. She is an architect & interior designer. She is accomplished and well – known, with an eye for the details and the contrasts. There is a reason that magazines feature her work saying she brings the landscape inside.


Architecture and Interior Design to Create your Ideal Space. We design & build the ideal spaces to facilitate the daily interactions you desire. For us, architecture is not a product, it is a service. It is about how it affects you. It is about the quality of the interactions that it helps you nurture. It is not what it is, it is what it does. 


Here at Lexi Beckord Interior Design, we stand for unique designs with character, while still making sure to give you a space to feel home at.

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