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Legal insurance in the Netherlands

Legal insurance (called Rechtbijstandverzekering in dutch) is an insurance that offers help and advice concerning legal problems. For example when you are fired because of company restructuring.

Legal insurance in the Netherlands
Insurance: Legal insurance in the Netherlands

What is covered?

You can choose in which legal cases you want to be insured. Most people insure themselves against conflicts that you as a consumer may encounter. In addition, you can also insure yourself for conflicts around your income, your rental or owner-occupied home or conflicts that arise in traffic.

Legal insurance companies

Centraal Beheer

Centraal Beheer is one of the biggest insurance companies in the Netherlands with insurances for home, car, your bike and much more.


InShared was founded in 2009 as an online insurer and became one of the most successful insurers in the online market. The go-to market strategy of online differs a lot from the traditional channels, and within this InShared made some clear choices.


AEGON is a multinational offering legal insurance for a fair price. Check the website to get a quote. 

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