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Legal insurance in the Netherlands

Legal insurance (called Rechtbijstandverzekering in dutch) is an insurance that offers help and advice concerning legal problems. For example when you are fired because of company restructuring.

Legal insurance in the Netherlands
Insurance: Legal insurance in the Netherlands

We explore in this section

Which Legal expenses insurance modules are there

Legal expenses insurance has different modules. In this section we will look at the different options.


If you or your family participate in traffic while walking, cycling, driving or sailing and you have an accident you will have legal assistance and advice

Work and Income

If you or your familiy have a conflict relating to employment, pension or benefits you are insured against conflicts like getting fired, forced to do other work or less hours.


If you or your family have a legal dispute about for example your second home within the EU, tax assessments, investment and income tax. You will have legal assistance and advice here.


If you or your familiy have a conflict relating to housing like building permit or a development plan or with renting, buying and selling your house.


What are the benefits of having Legal insurance

The benefits of having Legal insurance are free legal advice, disputes can become very costly in the Netherlands because there are no fixed prices. You will have to pay every hour the lawyer spends on your case. Further you can call your insurer for advice when you are not sure what to do with a dispute with for example your boss, in traffic or with your house. We have listed the top 6 Legal insurance providers below. To make things clear we have added some situations where you can benefit from having legal insurance. 

  • Employment Disputes: If you face issues with your employer, such as wrongful termination, discrimination or disputes over employment contracts, legal insurance can cover the costs of legal representation.
  • Consumer Disputes: Legal insurance can be useful in resolving disputes with sellers or service providers, ensuring your rights are protected in cases of faulty products, breaches of contract, or other consumer-related issues.
  • Property Disputes: If you encounter legal problems related to property, such as boundary disputes, landlord-tenant conflicts, or issues with neighbors, legal insurance can help cover legal expenses.
  • Traffic Accidents: Legal insurance may assist you in dealing with legal matters arising from traffic accidents in the Netherlands, for example claiming compensation for injuries or damages or defending yourself against wrongful claims.
  • Criminal Defense: If you find yourself facing criminal charges, legal insurance can cover the costs of hiring a defense attorney to represent you in court.
  • Family Law Matters: Legal insurance can be valuable in family law cases, including divorce, child custody disputes, and issues related to alimony or child support.
  • Contract Disputes: If you are involved in a contractual dispute, legal insurance can help you seek resolution and cover the legal costs associated with contract enforcement or breach of contract claims.
  • Personal Injury Claims: In case of personal injuries due to accidents or negligence, legal insurance can support you in pursuing compensation claims against responsible parties.
  • Tax Disputes: Legal insurance may cover legal expenses related to tax disputes, ensuring you have the necessary legal representation when dealing with tax authorities.
  • Administrative Proceedings: If you are involved in administrative or regulatory proceedings, legal insurance can assist in covering the costs of legal representation to ensure your rights are protected.

Legal Insurance - What is covered?

You can choose in which legal cases you want to be insured. Most people insure themselves against conflicts that you as a consumer may encounter. In addition, you can also insure yourself for conflicts around your income, your rental or owner-occupied home or conflicts that arise in traffic.

Legal Insurance - What is covered?

Unive’s Legal insurance for Expats

Having difficulties with your landlord regarding your rental contract? Or were you involved in an accident and need legal assistance? Univé offers legal insurance that assists you with the case. You won’t be faced with high legal fees and you are able to report your case directly online. In addition, you’re also able to choose extra modules. Visit to be insured within 5 minutes. 

FAQ about Legal insurance in the Netherlands

I have a legal dispute and I have a Legal insurance

In case you have a legal insurance in the Netherlands and you have a legal dispute in traffic, work, medical of any other field, make sure you directly call your insurer. They will guide you towards the next step.

I have a legal dispute and I need advice but I am not insured.

If you have a legal dispute but you don’t have a Legal insurance yet, you can contact one of the companies below with your question, in most cases they can offer you advice or even offer you there services for a fixed price. This is called Rechtshulp on demand.

Do i need a dutch bank account to get legal insurance?

Most insurance companies require a Dutch bank account, bunq for example is easy to setup . While others may accept payments through other means such as credit cards or international bank transfers.
It's best to directly contact the insurance provider, you can choose one below. 

Can I choose my own lawyer?

If you know a lawyer and you wish to hire him or her, make sure you contact your Legal Insurance insurer first. If you hire the lawyer before contacting this can result in high costs that are not covered.

How to check if my Legal insurance provider is reliable?

In the Netherlands you can check if your Legal insurance provider is registered with Nationaal keurmerk letselschade. You can find on this website if your insurer is registered. The insurance providers below are all registered.

Legal insurance providers


InShared was founded in 2009 as an online insurer and became one of the most successful insurers in the online market. The go-to market strategy of online differs a lot from the traditional channels, and within this InShared made some clear choices.


Univé is a cooperative insurance company in the Netherlands. Univé presents itself as a nonprofit insurer, to express that making profit is not important and therefore has cheaper products.


FBTO is a highly-rated Dutch insurance provider where you can adjust coverage to your needs. They offer insurance for your car, house, legal matters, and much more. Visit the website to get a direct quote.


ABN AMRO Bank N.V. is the third-largest bank in the Netherlands. They also have highly rated insurances and mortgages. If you already have an bank account with them, this is the easiest option to get Legal Insurance. Check the website for more information.

Centraal Beheer

Centraal Beheer is one of the biggest insurance companies in the Netherlands with insurances for legal, home, car, your bike and much more.

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