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Private Student Insurance

We recommend all international students to take out a private insurance because it includes health, liability, accident, repatriation and travel insurance, including pre-existing medical expenses.
When you start your studies in the Netherlands and don’t receive any income in the Netherlands, you (and your family members) can only apply for a private insurance.

Private Student Insurance
Insurance: Private Student Insurance

We explore in this section


When you are going to study in The Netherlands, you can insure yourself with the special insuance called the Masterplan+ . This student insurance is known for its excellent price-quality ratio. It meets both the IND requirements if you need a residence permit and/or having a cost price medical/pre-existing insurance, a liability insurance and a lot more. Have a look at the extent of cover which InsureToStudy offers.

Also PHD’s, Researchers and Family member can take out this insurance for the same premium.

Do you come from an EU-country and do you have an EHIC card? We can fit you up with a special package; the ITS EuropeanPlan. This is an additional coverage on the EHIC card from your home country. Have a look at the extent of cover.


Besides the Dutch Basic Healthcare Insurance, InsureToStudy offers additional insurances in the BasicPlan. This package also includes liability insurance.

Have a look at the extent of cover for more information. 

If you start working this might have consequences for your healthcare insurance. Contact us when you start working we can offer you the Dutch  Basic Health Insurance without an own risk including € 200 dentist cover and repatriation with in Europe for free.

You can apply on a daily basis and stop on a daily basis.

The benefits for you

InsureToStudy offers suiting solutions for students who study in the Netherlands to all possible insurance types.

We listed some advantages below (Masterplan+):

Medical costs are insured up to the cost price (no limitation) included pre-existing conditions

  • No deductible excess after health care costs
  • Including dental checkup and cleaning , physiotherapy and psychotherapy coverage, click here for the extent of cover
  • Low premium and excellent conditions and no minimal time from 1 day till 7 years.
  • Including insurance package (luggage and household effects, legal assistance, personal accidents, repatriation (first and second degree), travel insurance and very important liability/third party)
  • You can apply already for this insurance in your homeland, the start day from the insurance is the day you will leave your country so you have also your travel insurance with ITS
  • Assistance if you start working besides your study, start an internship or receive letters from the government (CAK)
  • We are available 24/7 for all your questions (SOS-International: 020-6515154)
  • Worldwide coverage including USA as well in your home country. This includes holidays and internship.

 * dental expenses costs up to € 750 free to spend including checkups and cleaning, physiotherapy up to € 500, manual therapy up to € 350, occupational therapy max.10 hours and psychotherapy up to € 3.000 a yearITS also reimburses if a student consults a digital doctor.



This insurance meets both the IND requirements if you need a residence permit and/or having sufficient medical and liability insurance.

€ 56,10 per month (€ 1,87 per day) for a full package insurance Including pre-existing conditions medical costs

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This insurance meets the IND requirements if you need a residence permit

€ 36,30 per month (€ 1,21 per day) for a full package insurance Excluding pre-existing conditions

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European plan: for students who have the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)

€ 25,00 per month or € 0,83 per day for additional coverage on the EHIC card as well as all other (non-medical) coverages equal to Masterplan+ 

Be aware: plannable medical care in the Netherlands is not part of the coverage!

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Basic plan

€ 15,90 per month or € 0,53 per day.
This package includes accidents, luggage, household effects, emergencies and liability.

Be aware: medical cost are not insured in this plan.

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The Dutch Basic Health insurance Hollandzorg

When you work in the Netherlands you need to be insured under the Dutch Basic Health insurance for the medical cost

You do not have the own risk of (€385 2024) we have bought this off and you will get  for free the covers dentist € 200 and the repatriation with in Europe.

Beside you can take the BasicPlan for all other covers so you will be insured for everything.

Apply for Dutch Basic Health Insurance Hollandzorg

Check out the Extent of covers below

Extent of cover Masterplan+
General Conditions Masterplan+
Extent of cover Master Plan
Extent of cover European Plan
Extent of cover Basic Plan
General conditions Insure to Study

You can always contact InsureToStudy for personal advice at phone number 0031 70 2051860 or send an email to


The Dutch Basic Health insurance Hollandzorg
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