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Term life insurance the Netherlands

Term life insurance in the Netherlands (tijdelijke overlijdensrisicoverzekering) is a type of life insurance policy that provides coverage for a specified period. If the policyholder dies during this term, the insurance company pays a predetermined sum to the beneficiaries.

Term life insurance the Netherlands
Insurance: Term life insurance the Netherlands

Why should i get Term life insurance?

If you are self-employed and/or want to make sure your family will not suffer financial problems after you pass away, it can give you peace to get life insurance.

Why choose for a Term Life Insurance:

Financial Security
Provides financial protection to the policyholder's dependents in case of premature death.

Generally more affordable compared to whole life insurance as it only covers a specific period.

Can be tailored to match specific financial responsibilities and time frames.

Premiums for term life insurance are generally not tax-deductible.
The benefit paid to beneficiaries is usually tax-free under Dutch law. Check the insurers mentioned below. 

Term life insurance in the Netherlands is a practical and often essential component of financial planning, providing peace of mind and financial security to policyholders and their families.

How to apply for a Life term insurance in the Netherlands

Do your research and compare policies

Determine the amount of coverage you need, the term length, and any specific features you want. Check different insurers listed below to get the best quote.

Requested information

The obvious, your name, address, date of birth, and contact details. But you will also need to answer questions about your medical history, lifestyle, and any pre-existing conditions. Be honest, as inaccurate information can lead to claim denials. Some insurers require a medical exam. In addition you will need to need to provide details about your income and financial obligations.

Underwriting process

The insurer evaluates your application and medical information to determine your risk level and finalize your premium. This process can take a few days to several weeks, depending on the complexity of your health profile.

Review and acceptance

Review the terms and conditions of the policy carefully before accepting. If you agree with the terms, sign the insurance contract. This can be done digital normally.

After acceptance

Store your policy documents in a safe place and inform your beneficiaries about the policy and where to find it.
Periodically review your coverage to ensure it still meets your needs, especially after major life changes like marriage, childbirth, or purchasing a home.

Recommended insurers


FBTO is a highly-rated Dutch insurance provider where you can adjust coverage to your needs. They offer insurance for your car, house, legal matters, and much more. Visit the website to get a direct quote.

Centraal Beheer

Centraal Beheer is one of the biggest insurance companies in the Netherlands with insurances for term life, legal, travel, home, car, your bike and much more.

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