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bunq - bank of The Free

Moving to The Netherlands and need a new bank account? Open a bunq account without all the hassle and start banking in just 5 minutes.

bunq - bank of The Free
Finance: bunq - bank of The Free

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Sign up in a flash

Open an account in 5 minutes

Skip the branch visits and waiting times. Just download the bunq app and go through a 5 minute verification process. bunq will handle your application and have you banking in minutes!

No paperwork needed

bunq needs some basic info, a photo of your ID or passport and a brief verification video. A visa or residence permit is not required to set up your account. If you're from a non-EU country, a resident permit will suffice.

90 days for TIN

A Dutch bank is legally required to ask for your Tax Identification Number. Whereas most banks ask for this right away, bunq gives you 90 days to get set up.

Get a Local IBAN

You’ll automatically get a NL, DE, FR, ES or IE IBAN depending on where you live. Want to set up a local bank account for a work trip or leisure? Just create a new local bank account as soon as you land in a new country. Great for when you change countries regularly for work. 

Bank in 22 currencies

Moving further away? You can spend, save, pay and receive in a wide range of currencies directly in the bunq app, simply by opening a Local Currency account.

Easy payments anywhere

Enjoy worldwide acceptance of the bunq Credit card, plus a free digital Credit Card available with any plan. Add it to Apple Pay/Google Pay in seconds and use it right away. 

What plans are available?

Easy Bank Pro XL

  • Offset your CO2 footprint together.
  • Plant a tree with every €100 you spend to help reforest the world.
  • Free Travel Insurance
  • Personal: €18.99/month
  • Business: €23.99/month

Easy Bank Pro

  • Bank like a local, all across Europe.
  • Budget with up to 25 free sub-accounts, each with its own unique IBANs. Spend and save in 16 currencies.
  • Personal: €9.99/month
  • Business: €13.99/month

Easy Bank

  • Get a bank account in just 5 minutes.
  • Bank with an Dutch IBAN that works for you.
  • Personal: €3.99/month
  • Business: €7.99/month

Easy Savings

  • High interest. Zero fees.
  • Get a free online savings account in just 5 minutes. 2.46% added to your savings. bunq pays your interest every week.
  • Personal: €0.00/month
  • Business: €0.00/month

bunq and sustainability

bunq is on a mission

Climate change is real, and bunq is on a mission to tackle it head-on. bunq is thrilled to showcase the remarkable progress bunq users are making in revitalizing our planet through reforestation efforts.

How bunqers contribute

Easy Bank Pro XL users, their Green Teams, and all under 18s earn a tree for every €100 spent using their bunq card. All bunq users can earn also trees by referring a friend, or win trees by spinning the Wheel of Fortune in the bunq app. For every tree earned in bunq, bunq finances the planting of a real one.

Meet veritree

bunq works with veritree to plant the trees earned by bunq users. bunq chose this partner for their transparency and dedication to real change. Blockchain tracking and constant updates allow bunq to verify that every single tree is actually being planted, and see the difference bunq is making in real time.

bunq planting sites

bunq has active projects in Mteza Creek and Tana Salt (both in Southern Kenya), and completed a few others across Kenya and Madagascar. These places were chosen for their significance in environmental preservation and community support.

bunq impact so far

Since 2019, bunqers have already planted over 17 million trees, offsetting more than 4 million tonnes of CO2! To put that into perspective: that’s over 300 thousands studio apartments filled with trees, and could be compared to more than 900 thousand cars being taken off the road for one year!

Plant trees with every card payment

With the bunq Easy Bank Pro XL plan makes planting trees so easy, you don’t even have to think twice about it. Its green made easy. here’s how it works:

  • For every €100 you spend, bunq plants a new tree. Spend with any of your bunq cards, and let every transaction add up to a greener future. Now all the other plans gets 1 free planted per €1,000 spend.

  • Offset your CO2 footprint in less than two years, and breathe new life into the forests you grow, simply by spending your money.

Join Easy Bank Pro XL, and start banking towards a more sustainable future today 🌿

Plant trees with every card payment
This page was last updated: 05/15/2024.