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Motor vehicle tax

If you are registered in the Netherlands and you own vehicles you are required to pay motor vehicle tax. Vehicles are cars, vans, motorcycles, trailers, busses and lorries. In this section we explore more. 

Motor vehicle tax
Expat Info: Motor vehicle tax

How to pay motor vehicle tax

To find out how much you have to pay for your motor vehicle tax, you need to take into consideration the type of vehicle, the weight, fuel type and environmental impact. On this website you can check this for yourself.

Do I pay less for classic and electric vehicles?

If you own a full electric car or hydrogen powered car you don’t pay motor vehicle tax. For cars that emit 1-50 grams CO2 you will pay half of the tax rate (looking a weight and fuel type).
Do you own a classic vehicle? You may have to pay less or no motor vehicle tax. This will change in 2024 so be aware of that. Check the website of the Belastingdienst to see how much you will pay. 

This page was last updated: 10/18/2023.