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Health insurance in the Netherlands

Health insurance is mandatory for all residents in the Netherlands. It covers the cost of medical treatments, hospital stays, and prescription medications. Basic health insurance is offered by private insurance companies.

Health insurance in the Netherlands
Insurance: Health insurance in the Netherlands

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Is it mandatory to have a health insurance in the Netherlands?

When you live or work in the Netherlands you are legally obliged to have a health insurance. To cover the cost of consulting a general practitioner (huisarts), hospital treatment and prescription medication. Additional health insurance like Dentist care is not compulsory.

What is covered by the basic health insurance?

The basic insurance package in the Netherlands covers all costs for common medical care services. The Dutch government decides annually the package and the health insurers are obliged to follow this package. Currently (2023 and 2024), the basic health insurance package covers the following:

  • Treatments from specialists and hospital care
  • Consultations with your GP (huisarts)
  • Medication
  • Care from certain therapists, such as speech therapists
  • Mental health services
  • Anti-smoking programs
  • Dietary advice
  • Materinity care

How does health insurance work in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands you have two forms of health insurance. Zorgverzkeringwet (Zvw) is a basic insurance which covers common media care which is mandatory for Dutch residents.
Wet langdurige zorg (Wlz) is for long-term nursing and care which is covered by the government for all Dutch Residents. 

What does basic health insurance package cost?

The price set for a basis health insurance in 2024 will around 150 euro per month.
In the Netherlands health insurance companies charge a contribution to your own risk (called eigen risico). This is a mandatory fee. The standard fee is set at 385 euro in 2024. You can increase this number to 885 euro which will result in a lower monthly fee (15-20 euro per month discount). 

When can i change my current Health insurance provider?

Everyone in the Netherlands can change his or her health insurance between the 12th of November and the 31st of December.
You can decide to move to a different health insurance provider or change your current health insurance by for example change your personal contribution (eigen bijdrage). Your new health insurance will always start the 1st of January the next year.

Why would you go to another Health insurance provider?

First, by comparing quotes from different health insurance providers you can potentially lower your monthly costs. Bare in mind that in 2024 all the prices will be higher. So make sure you compare the 2024 prices of the different providers and not the one you have now.

Second, make sure you look at your own situation, did this change? If you for example need more physical therapy, dentist work or do you want to get pregnant. Make sure you look carefully at the aanvullende zorgverzekering from the different health insurance providers.

How does changing to another health insurance work?

This is very simple, every health insurance provider offers a free overstapservice. This will mean that they cancel your health insurance with your current provider and will make sure the starting the first of January you are fully insured.

What happens if you don’t anything.

This is easy, nothing will change. Bare in mind that in 2024 your monthly costs will go up. This is mainly because of rising health care costs for the Netherlands as a whole.

Health Insurance for students

If you are going to study in The Netherlands you can take out a private insurance because it includes health, liability, accident, repatriation and travel insurance, including pre-existing medical expenses.
When you start your studies in the Netherlands and don’t receive any income in the Netherlands, you (and your family members) can only apply for a private insurance.
For more information check the page Private Student insurance

Health Insurance for students

What is an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

If you get sick when you visit another European country, you still receive essential medical care in many countries with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). Ask your health insurer to get a EHIC Card for free. When you break your leg outside the Netherlands, the foreign healthcare provider will bill your health insurer for the costs. 

What is an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

Health insurance providers


FBTO was founded in 1956. Today FBTO belongs to Achmea, which is one of the larger insurance providers in the Netherlands


ASR Nederland is a major Dutch insurance group based in Utrecht which is rated very highly for their health insurance. 


Univé is a cooperative insurance company in the Netherlands. Univé presents itself as a nonprofit insurer, to express that making profit is not important and therefore has cheaper products. 

De christelijke zorgverzekeraar NL

This health insurance provider focuses on a community with shared values. They bring religion, care and health together. They are part of a large insurance provider in the Netherlands called Zilveren Kruis.


Whether you are an employer looking to insure your international workers collectively, or you are an individual working in the Netherlands, HollandZorg has you covered. We offer a health insurance plans that suit your needs. We worry about every detail, so you don't have to. You don't have 385 euro eigen bijdrage (own risk) with HollandZorg. 

Zorg en Zekerheid

Zorg en Zekerheid is the healthcare insurer in your area and is committed to ensuring good healthcare which is always at hand. We are always happy to assist you with any health insurance queries you may have.

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