Economic situation improves slightly

 4/5/2018   CBS    Economy

According to the CBS Business Cycle Tracer, the economic situation has improved slightly in March compared to the previous month. Statistics Netherlands (CBS) reports that all indicators in the Tracer published mid-March are performing above the level of their long-term trend. Statistics Netherlands’ Business Cycle Tracer is a tool used to monitor the economic situation and economic developments. It uses thirteen key macro-economic indicators, which - together - provide a coherent macro-economic picture of the state of the Dutch economy as published by CBS during the last month or quarter. Mood among consumers hardly changes, producer confidence at record high The mood among Dutch consumers has hardly changed in March. Opinions of Dutch consumers on the economic climate are slightly more positive. Willingness to buy remains stable. Producer confidence increased to a record high in February. Manufacturers were mainly more positive about their future output.