The undiscovered possibilities of renting furniture in The Netherlands!

 1/24/2014   Ruben Oraile    Renting furniture
It just happens too often! You have found the perfect house, in the perfect area, but you have to say no because it's unfurnished. This will not be a problem any longer!

Have you ever thought about renting furniture?

Moving-In Dutch Interior Rentals is a great furniture rental company that makes life's transitions just a little easier. They realize complete interiors with the utmost of care, whether it's just for one month or for an indefinite period of time. In addition to furniture they also provide beds, linen, household appliances, kitchen utensils and much more! This eliminates the need to purchase furniture or seeking for another appartment, instead they provide you with a comfortable space to call Home!

Moving-In has composed various expat family packages which are ideal for every situation. These packages vary from a basic interior to a fully furnished home which doesn't require any more shopping! Would you prefer to design you own interior? No problem, you can even put together your own interior by the piece.

Now you know that an unfurnished appartment doesn't have to be a problem. If everything else feels right, just start Moving-In ;)

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