Mobile telephone providers in the Netherlands

When you are moving to the Netherlands and want to have a dutch mobile phone number you can choose between a prepaid or a contract. The most dutch mobile companies are known in the rest of the world like Vodafone and T-mobile. If you want a contract you will need valid proof of identity (not a driving licence), official dutch bank statement and proof of bank account. A contract can be for 1 year or 2 years and with or without a mobile phone.

Roaming in the EU

No extra charge for making or receiving calls while roaming. You have a dutch contract with a moble service provider which includes roaming. Thanks to the EU "roam like at home" rules you don't have to worry about paying a surcharge for any calls to EU numbers he makes or receives during a business trip to an European Country. 

Below we have listed the best companies we know.

Vodafone offers all the new phones.
T-mobile offers a wide range of state of the art phones and a combination of pre-paid and different contracts.
Ben offers older type phones but is therefore more afforable.
KPN is market leader in the Netherlands. They offer all the new phones and give discount when combining their services with tv/internet.