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Dentists in The Hague

The dental care is provided by dentists with a university degree who will have to be registered with KNMT. The quality of dentist in the Netherlands is excellent. We listed dentist by city with English speaking staff.

Dentists in The Hague
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PHP Tandartsen

Good dentist in The Hague for Scandinavian, Turkish, English and French expats: PHP Tandartse

The Hague Dental Care

FAQ about Dentists in The Hague

Is dental care covered in Netherlands?

Your basic insurance (basispakket) in the Netherlands doesn't cover dental costs. The reason it is a privatized matter. You will receive a bill after your visit that you can pay with iDeal, Credit Card and Bank transfer.

Can I go to the dentist without insurance in Netherlands?

No, in the Netherlands, health insurance is compulsory for every adult.

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