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Dry Cleaner in Amsterdam

Laundry piling up? Find your local dry cleaner to help you out. Most companies offer to pick up, iron and bring home your laundry.

Dry Cleaner in Amsterdam
Services: Dry Cleaner in Amsterdam


Love2Laundry offers premium laundry and dry cleaning services with quick turnaround time, free pickup and delivery. Also, it provides a seamless order process via a mobile app or website. We employ cutting-edge techniques and eco-friendly practices for unparalleled care and quality service.


Laundryheap delivers the quickest, easiest to use, and most reliable professional laundry and dry cleaning service that completely adjusts to your needs. We collect, clean, and deliver your laundry to your doorstep. When and where you need us, we will be there. 98.7% of all standard laundry and dry cleaning is delivered the next day.

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