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Employment Lawyers in Amsterdam

When you are working in another country then your own, issues like illness, contracts and rights may be handled different by your Dutch employer. Are you not sure if you are treated fairly? I could be wise to contact an employment lawyer. Below we have listed the best in your area.

Employment Lawyers in Amsterdam
Services: Employment Lawyers in Amsterdam

AMS Advocaten

Our lawyers advise employers as well as employees, whether the matter concerns a dismissal, termination of employment, non-competition clauses, or a reorganization.

Law firm Kouvarnta

Are you working as an expat in the Netherlands or are you a Dutch expat working abroad? Then you are in for an exciting time. You will be experiencing a new country and a new culture, but also new rules. So, before your adventure begins, you will want to ensure that everything is in order legally.

Fruytier Lawyers

As an employer an entrepreneur often has to deal with work place issues and legal employment queries. You have to draft or end contracts, deal with participation and CAO regulation and various other maybe unfamiliar issues which are essential to your business.

Mr. Berendsen Advocaten

We specialize in different areas of law, including rent and labour law and the law with affects small and medium size businesses . See the description of our our solicitors for more information about their fields of practice.   Your partner for legal advice and litigation in The Netherlands.

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