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Psychologists in Amsterdam

Moving to the Netherlands is an exciting step for you and your family. But what if you are facing emotional difficulties for example loneliness, depression and being home sick. It can really help to talk to a psychologist in this situation. We have listed the best English speaking psychologist here by city.

Psychologists in Amsterdam
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Francesca Eleuteri Psychologist

Functioning Psychology is specialized in Expat Therapy providing Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology therapies and behavioral assessments for individuals, couples and children, in English, Spanish and Italian. Adults and Children Therapy and assessments are fully or partially reimbursed depending by the insurance provider.

Positive Psychology Coaching - Els Bosma

As an ambitious woman, it is devastating if you find yourself in a position where you don’t have the success that you normally had. This eats away at your self-confidence. Suddenly you don’t recognize yourself anymore. Do you want your old self back? Els’ unique Positive Psychology Coaching will give you the tools to become your successful self again. Click here to find out how.

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