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Psychologists in Haarlem

Moving to the Netherlands is an exciting step for you and your family. But what if you are facing emotional difficulties for example loneliness, depression and being home sick. It can really help to talk to a psychologist in this situation. We have listed the best English speaking psychologist here by city.

Psychologists in Haarlem
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HealThruTherapy is a psychology practice aimed at expats and English speaking individuals living in the Netherlands. Treating both students and adults using an integrative approach, making sure each treatment is individualised to each client’s needs. Book a free consultation session through the website.

Nataliya Redina | Psychologist - Ψυχολόγος

Welcome to a space dedicated to personal and professional growth. I'm Nataliya, a psychologist committed to guiding individuals, couples, and families through the intricacies of the human psyche and emotions. I specialize in addressing the mental health challenges frequently encountered by expatriates amidst relocation and cultural transitions, recognizing their profound impact on social, psychological, and physiological levels. My approach integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques with elements of the Rogerian Client-Centered approach, reflecting the core values that guide both my professional and personal life: Consciousness, Results, and Connections.

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