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Real Estate Agents in Eindhoven

Are you interested in buying or selling your house but need some help finding your way in the Dutch housing market? We have listed the best real estate agents (makelaars) in the Netherlands to help you.

Real Estate Agents in Eindhoven
Services: Real Estate Agents in Eindhoven

Aankoopmakelaardij Van Weele

Buying a house is an emotional process. And you only do it a few times in your life. Whether you are a first time buyer or have bought a house before: it is and always will be a big step, involving a large amount of money. And as is often the case, everybody has an opinion, but nobody knows how it really works. Would not you prefer to talk it over with an expert? With someone who really knows all that is involved, what the procedures are like, what is a good offer and what way to handle it?

Maas Makelaars

Maas Makelaars has almost a century of experience in the Eindhoven real estate market. As one of the oldest and most reliable real estate agencies in Eindhoven, we will continue to lead the way in 2023. Our wide network in the region makes us the ideal choice, whether you want to buy or sell your home.
Our passionate team, led by Joris Maas, consists of experienced NVM brokers and appraisers. They work every day to make our customers’ living dreams a reality. Our expert office staff supports them and acts as the first point of contact. Many of our clients have had a relationship of trust with our real estate agency for generations, and we are genuinely proud of that.

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