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Veterinarians in Amsterdam

A veterinarian is a medical professional who specializes in providing healthcare for animals. Their responsibilities include diagnosing and treating illnesses, performing surgeries, conducting vaccinations, and offering general health advice for various animals, including pets, livestock, and wildlife. Vets play a crucial role in ensuring the well-being and health of animals, and they may work in private clinics, animal hospitals, research institutions, or government agencies.

Veterinarians in Amsterdam
Services: Veterinarians in Amsterdam

De Wetering

Veterinary Clinic “De Wetering” is a companion animal clinic for dogs, cats, rabbits, with also attention for birds and exotic animals (reptiles, ferrets, ) in the center of Amsterdam.

We would like to help keeping your pet healthy and happy. We do this in consultation with you.

Dierenkliniek Rivierenbuurt

Veterinary clinic Rivierenbuurt is a modern clinic with a personal touch, committed to delivering top quality service and compassionate care.

Starclinic Amsterdam

At Starclinic Amsterdam, we strive for excellence in pet medical care with compassion and personal attention for you and your pet(s). In order to guarantee our quality care, we are connected to Starclinic Veterinarians (Sterkliniek Dierenartsen). Our staff includes four veterinarians, five veterinary nurses and a practice manager. The clinic is spread over three locations in Amsterdam, one in the south (Uiterwaardenstraat 109), one in the east (Krugerplein 13) and one in the north (Elpermeer 41) of the city. 

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