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bunq - bank of The Free

Moving to The Netherlands and need a new bank account? Open a bunq account without all the hassle and start banking in just 5 minutes.
bunq - bank of The Free
Banking: bunq - bank of The Free

bunq - bank of The Free

Open an account in 5 minutes

Skip the branch visits and waiting times. Just download the bunq app and go through a 5 minute verification process. bunq will handle your application and have you banking in minutes!

No paperwork needed

bunq needs some basic info, a photo of your ID or passport and a brief verification video. A visa or residence permit is not required to set up your account. If you're from a non-EU country, a resident permit will suffice.

90 days for TIN

A Dutch bank is legally required to ask for your Tax Identification Number. Whereas most banks ask for this right away, bunq gives you 90 days to get set up.

Get a Local IBAN

You’ll automatically get a NL, DE, FR, ES or IE IBAN depending on where you live. Want to set up a local bank account for a work trip or leisure? Just create a new local bank account as soon as you land in a new country. Great for when you change countries regularly for work. 

Easy payments anywhere

Enjoy worldwide acceptance of the bunq Credit card, plus a free digital Credit Card available with any plan. Add it to Apple Pay/Google Pay in seconds and use it right away.