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Mindfulness Meditation Exercises for Corporate Wellness

Whether working from home or reporting to the office headquarters, finding inner peace and balance in an ever-changing workplace can be a challenge. But with the right tools, mindful meditation practices can help create a more positive environment for employees to get their...
Mindfulness Meditation Exercises for Corporate Wellness
Mindfulness: Mindfulness Meditation Exercises for Corporate Wellness

Author: Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes

Architect, author, international speaker, Founder and CEO of AKKA Architects, Stephanie is part of a new breed of young visionary architects who operate beyond the nowadays restrained realm of architecture. A strong advocate of value created through crossdisciplinary interactions. She believes that the most sustainable innovation will happen at the intersection of different fields. Stephanie believes that space can be used as a strategic tool to drive business growth, individuals advancement, and social impact.

Mindfulness Meditation Exercises for Corporate Wellness

Whether working from home or reporting to the office headquarters, finding inner peace and balance in an ever-changing workplace can be a challenge. But with the right tools, mindful meditation practices can help create a more positive environment for employees to get their work done — freeing our minds from stress so we’re able to think more clearly, creatively, and effectively. Practicing mindful meditation in the workplace can benefit you as an individual, a team, and even your company’s overall workforce development. Taking some time out of your workday to focus on mindfulness exercises can be especially beneficial for employee retention. Don’t be afraid to share these tips; they will make all the difference in how you and your colleagues perceive and approach your job.

1. Let it Go

Looking for a way to hit the reset button? You can find that in just 2 minutes! Find yourself some peace and quiet, get into a comfy position, close your eyes and start focusing on your breath. With each inhale imagine only good things entering you even as anything bad slowly but surely leaves with every exhale. Keep doing this until either 20-30 breaths are done or time runs out – whichever comes first. And don’t worry if getting rid of negative emotions takes longer than expected; take all the time necessary because when it’s over, you’ll be feeling refreshed and more positive than ever before.

2. The Attitude of Gratitude

If a break from the 9 to 5 is what you need, this exercise can provide some much-needed relief. Give yourself five minutes (or more!) for meditation—take it anywhere and let your thoughts drift towards all that makes you smile. A cozy blanket, an old kitty friend waiting at home… Everyone’s got something special in their life worth being thankful for. And when work starts getting tough? You just remember how lucky you are—the smiles will never stop coming.

3. Serene Stream

Take a few minutes to relax and transport yourself into the forest. Picture your worries slowly drifting away with each ripple of water in this peaceful stream – any unwelcome thoughts become leaves that are gently swept up by the current until they eventually disappear out of sight. Hang around for as long as you need before finding calmness to take back with you when it’s time to return to work.

4. Sweet 16

Looking for a relaxation exercise? Look no further! With this simple and effective technique, you can find peace of mind in the comfort – or privacy – of your own space. First, take a deep breath through your nose as you slowly count to four–hold it there before carefully exhaling on another countdown from four. Sit back, relax, and repeat as often as needed; one round should do wonders but if not just keep at it until that calming feeling kicks in.

5. Take 20

Take a break and find yourself some peace by taking 20 deep breaths. Close your eyes, and relax into it—you may even want to sway with the rhythm of each inhale and exhale! Imagine every breath as an opportunity for cleansing; as fresh air enters through your nose, feel that tension begin to release from every part of you. Let out all those worries in one long sigh when you finish counting up – doesn’t that already feel like such relief?

6. Quotable Quote

Got a go-to quote that fills you with motivation? Take some time to find one if not, then get those creative juices flowing. Once your mantra is chosen, repeat it at least 10 times and take note of how you feel afterward – no white noise allowed! Doing this mental exercise can help give clarity in ongoing challenges or just generally help keep the good vibes going for life. Get ready to recite these motivational words from memory as much as possible; whose energy are you ready to channel today?

7. Invisi-Ball

From the sun’s rays to a gentle breeze, energy is everywhere and it has some pretty amazing powers. Not only can it cause us discomfort or pain, but if you know how to harness its potential then that same power could make you feel relaxed and in control, too. Try this cool exercise during your break – rub your palms together until they get warm, separate them while still facing each other, and just observe what happens between them. You should start feeling a tingly sensation – like an invisible ball of energy bouncing back and forth from palm to palm. Increase or decrease the intensity by bringing those hands closer together; becoming one with that buzzy vibe as much as possible will bring a lot of things into focus.

8. Step by Step

Take a stroll, and take the time to appreciate your surroundings! With every 20 steps you make, stop in your tracks just for a second. Look around – perhaps there’s some trees or pretty flowers nearby? There’s always something beautiful that can bring joy – it could be anything from the sky’s hue to an interesting cloud formation overhead. The same goes with sound: birds singing? People laughing? Those everyday noises can also give us perspective on life. And of course, don’t forget about smell – open up those nostrils and let nature woo you. The key is finding moments all around you that will remind you how amazing life really is…so carry on exploring!

9. SuperFocus

Find something to touch or hold – it can be anything from your mug of coffee, a pen on your desk, or even that plant over there – and give all of your attention to its details. What color is it? Any patterns? Words? Now move onto how it feels; smooth surface or bumpy edges perhaps…warm maybe…? Spend at least five minutes just being present with what’s right before you until time’s up. Take note afterward about whether the brief escape was successful for ya and exactly how are feeling now.

If you try just one of these mindfulness exercises at work, you may find yourself feeling calmer and more collected throughout your day. In a fast-paced work environment, it can be easy to get frazzled and feel like you’re constantly running around with your head cut off. However, by taking a few minutes out of your day to do a mindfulness exercise, you can help center yourself and refocus on the task at hand.