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Dutch Courses Bussum

Are you looking for Dutch courses in Bussum? We have selected several good Dutch classes in the area of Bussum. All schools are offering individual dutch courses in Bussum or if you prefer dutch courses in groups. Perfect way to meet fellow expats in Bussum.
Dutch Courses Bussum
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Bussum Dutch Language Schools

Learn Dutch Fast

Learn Dutch Fast offers a variety of intensive Dutch language courses containing a mix of award winning, powerful, brain-friendly activities that are always tailored to your needs.

If you are curious, you like fun and you love new ideas and insights, join one of the Learn Dutch Fast courses and accelerate your learning. It's an experience you'll never forget! Learn Dutch Fast offers a variety of courses to choose from, for all levels of Dutch.

Each course contains a mix of award winning, powerful, brain-friendly activities, which are always tailored to your needs. These activities were developed during more than 20 years of teaching, researching and refining. They cover all learning styles and are guaranteed to enhance your learning curve. All courses will take place in small groups, in a sensory-rich environment.

Since 1990, Sylvia Clements has been teaching Dutch as a Second Language (NT2, Nederlands als Tweede Taal) and Dutch for native speakers for individuals and companies.

Her teaching methods have won several awards.

Graaf Florislaan 54
1405 BW Bussum
+31 (0)35- 6923960

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Intensive dutch courses in Bussum

Choose between intensive dutch course or a more relaxed course in Bussum. Whatever you choose learning dutch through a dutch language school will keep you motivated and offers you the fastest way of becoming a true dutch speaker.

Speaking dutch a necessity?

Is speaking Dutch a necessity in The Netherlands? In the larger cities the Dutch speak very good English and you will get by without a problem. Doing your shopping without knowing the basics of talking Dutch isn't going to be a problem. But if you are staying for a longer period you do not have to feel excluded or disrespectful and have more choice for jobs, education, entertainment, friends, or business opportunities.

Learning dutch online

If you want tot start learning Dutch yourself, there are some websites you can use to start learning the basics of the Dutch Language. Check the websites oefenen.nl and leefenleer.nl.