Amsterdam International Community School (AICS)

The Amsterdam International Community School (AICS) is a member of the group of Dutch International Primary and Secondary Schools (DIPS and DISS). The AICS caters for the needs of students with foreign nationalities who will only be spending a few years in the Netherlands, as well as for those Dutch students who need to be educated in an international school to ensure continuity of education. The main language of instruction at AICS is English.

Community-based International Learning

We describe our educational philosophy as “the education of the international community, in the Dutch and International community, by the Dutch and International Community.”

At the primary (4-10yrs) and middle-school (11-16yrs) levels we offer a unique curriculum that covers all the traditional subjects, but is based upon educational modules that offer an experiential, holistic approach to learning.  Our primary and middle-school students acquire all the necessary academic skills while learning about themselves, their community, and the international world.
At the secondary school level (16-19yrs) we offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). The IBDP is an internationally recognised pre-university course of study that leads to the acquisition of the IB Diploma, which offers entrance into universities and institutions of further education worldwide.

High Standards and Competitive Rates

AICS is a Dutch-subsidised international school.  As such, the school is held accountable to very high educational standards by the Dutch Ministry of Education. Our relationship with the Dutch Ministry of Education also enables us to offer an exceptional education at a reasonable price.  Additionally the AICS is held accountable by the Council of International Schools, the European Council of International Schools and the International Baccalaureate Organisation. For further details of our fee scales and costs please refer to “Financial Matters” in My AICS.

More information

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