Arnhem International School

The Arnhem International School  (AIS) offers students a high quality education in an international, multi-cultural setting. Although the language of instruction is in English, the AIS is one of nine International Schools in the Netherlands affiliated with Dutch Schools, offering our students unique cultural and educational opportunities. Highly qualified AIS teachers come from over 12 countries, reinforcing the unique international experience.

The AIS has a Primary (ages 4-12) and a Secondary (ages 12-18) Department, each housed in age-appropriate educational facilities located within a few hundred meters of one another. Families with children in both schools find the proximity valuable for a number of reasons. Besides the convenience, it helps to ease the adaptation to a new environment in this welcoming community which strives to help children and their families feel at home as quickly as possible.

The location of the AIS in Arnhem allows the school to meet the needs of a large expatriate population in the Arnhem-Nijmegen region and in the border area between Germany and the Netherlands. Approximately 225 students, representing over 45 nationalities, are served by the Primary and Secondary Departments of the AIS, which holds itself to a high standard of International Education.

The academic programme of the AIS Secondary Department follows the guidelines set by the International Baccalaureate Programme. Students, 12-15, follow the IB-MYP curriculum. Students, 16-18, follow the IB Diploma Programme. Educational programmes offered by the International Baccalaureate Organization are academically excellent, world recognized, and taught at over 1900 schools in 110 countries. More information about the IB is available at

More information

Secondary Department

Lorentz Lyceum
Groningensingel 1245
6835 HZ Arnhem
The Netherlands

Primary Department

Dr. Aletta Jacobs School
Slochterenweg 27
6835 CD Arnhem
The Netherlands

Telephone No.: +31 26 3202840    

Telephone No.:  +31 26 3230729