International School Almere

The International School Almere was founded on 10 July 2002.  The school is an official IB World School with an authorised IB Middle Years and IB Diploma Programme.  The Diploma Programme was authorised in June 2010 and the Middle Years programme in January 2012.  It is a small school, which attracts expats and internationally mobile students in the wider Almere region.  Since the start, the school has been known for attention to the individual, offering a personal touch to education.

IS Almere challenges students to realise their potential, recognising that all students have the ability to learn and that they learn at different rates, have different learning styles, abilities and interests. IS Almere encourages self-discovery and self-expression that value understanding and appreciate diversity.

In April 2011, the school moved to its new and now permanent school building on the Heliumweg in Almere Poort.  This, state of the art, school building was build specifically for the use of the school.  The school is built in a ribbon-like city park of 7km in length.  There is room for new housing development and it is expected that the International School Almere will have a very positive effect on the rate of development in the area.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the International School Almere to inspire our students to reach their full potential and through them contribute to a better and more peaceful world by striving for academic excellence, intercultural awareness and mutual respect.To do so, we offer our students a challenging, comprehensive education within a diverse, caring and encouraging community of learners, enabling them to develop the intellectual and social skills necessary to achieve their full potential. Diversity is essential to our mission. According to the principles stated in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, people of all races, nations and religions should respect and honour each other. We teach our students to understand and respect the views, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures, as well as their own. The school’s commitment to academic excellence is matched by a belief in holistic learning. All members of the school community are encouraged to pursue excellence and are recognized for their achievements.


ISAlmere provides a full authorized, high quality international programme leading to the IB-diploma in preparation for higher education.
Our objectives are:

- Instruction in English, support of the mother tongue language and foreign languages, social studies, biology, mathematics and sciences, as well as technology, drama and physical education;
- Focus on creative thinking, intercultural awareness, critical reasoning and effective communication skills;
- Curriculum development committee that systematically reviews and updates the curriculum;
- International accreditation

IS Almere seeks to provide a positive, welcoming and safe environment with clear stated expectations and guidelines:
- every individual is unique and deserves respect, regardless of  faith, race, gender, beliefs or land of origin;
- clear leadership of the school;compliance with Dutch safety and work environment laws.

More information

Int. School Almere
Heliumweg 61
1362 JA Almere
Phone: +31 36 7600 750