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Rental Agencies in Hilversum

Looking for an rental agency in Hilversum? On this page you will find the most experienced and trustworthy real-estate agencies of Hilversum to help you find an apartment or house in Hilversum.
Rental Agencies in Hilversum
Housing: Rental Agencies in Hilversum

Rental Housing Agencies in Hilversum


With NEWCURB real estate, we are focused on connecting people and real estate in the best possible way! We have a personal approach, entrepreneurial mindset and are constantly looking for innovations to present our homes even better.

Domica Hilversum

Domica Nederland has been renting out properties, apartments, studio’s and rooms for customers for more than 20 years.

RotsVast Hilversum

Our committed realtors working at our branch locations throughout the Netherlands do their utmost to help our clients find a new property. 

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Why turn to a rental agency

It can be wise to contact one of the rental agencies in Hilversum listed on this page. With years of experience with Hilversum housing and expats, they help you find the right apartment, in the right neighbourhood at an acceptable price.

Personal rental advice

Of course, you have some requirements and wishes for your new apartment or house in Hilversum. Instead of searching the internet, you tell your agency what you are looking for and let them do the search. Probably they have the right apartment already in their residential portfolio.

Screening of landlords

When hiring a rental agency in Hilversum you are assured that every landlord is screened and abides the rental rules and the Dutch law. This will prevent you from the unexpected.

Tenancy agreement

The agreement between you and the landlord will be drawn up under clear and transparent conditions. You know exactly the renting conditions like rental period, rental price and notice period. Our affiliated rental agencies in Hilversum guarantees a customised tenancy agreement.

Inspection report and handing over the keys

Have you find your apartment in Hilversum and you agree to the term of conditions? Then you are almost ready to move in. Before that, the affiliated rental agencies will first do an inspection of the property to make sure that everything is according to the rental conditions. Then, the keys of your brand new apartment will be handed over and you can start decorating the rooms.

Real Estate Agents in Hilversum

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